How To Pick A Perfect Home Projector

A projector is an essential part of modern homes. It projects large images and allows you to have a cinematic experience. Considering the wide range of home projectors available in the market, picking a perfect home projector can be quite overwhelming. A projector which is ideal for one home may not be the best option for another.

Top 5 Best Gaming Projectors Of 2018

Every gamer at some point in his or her life wants to buy a projector for gaming. Earlier, projectors were mostly used in offices and educational organizations. However, advancements in projector technologies have enabled manufacturers to create projectors specifically designed for gaming. These projectors can project images fast enough without causing any noticeable delay to the gamers.

Top 5 Best Home Entertainment Laser Projectors(LaserTV’s) Of 2018

Home entertainment systems with projectors have gained popularity over the last decade or so. They allow people to have a cinematic experience from the comfort of their living rooms. Lamp and LED projectors are the most common types of projectors seen in home theaters. However, laser projectors have also become popular in the last couple of years.

7 Best Portable Projectors Running Android or Android TV OS 2020

7 Best Portable Projectors Running Android or Android TV OS 2020

Updated on Jan 31, 2020

Projectors have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Most homeowners, gamers, and office goers own a projector today. A big issue that the projector users traditionally experienced was the need for additional hardware like a computer, laptop or DVD player for using the projector. However, the emergence of smart Android projectors in the recent years have presented users with an alternative.