CINEMOOD 360 Review: A Child-Focused Projector with 360° Video and Interactive Motion Game Projection

CINEMOOD 360 VR Projector Review

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VR projectors are a relatively new entrant into the market despite the popularity of projection devices. There are very few offerings available in the 360° video projection segment. Cinemood 360 is one such product for parents and kids. 

CINEMOOD 360 Features

Cinemood is a 360° VR projector primarily designed for kids, families, and children. It is a handheld device that makes learning enjoyable and interactive. There is no need for a headset to view the VR content. It projects content as if the user was at the center of the imagery. The images can pan vertically or horizontally for creating a panoramic 360° video projection effect. Kids can watch 360 videos, play interactive motion games, and access educational content using the Cinemood 360 VR projector. 

Cinemood 360° video projector supports screen mirroring for mobile devices. It allows you to play content or games on your smartphones using the projector. The VR film projector is compatible with iOS for screen mirroring. Its app allows you to download content for offline viewing.

CINEMOOD 360 Hardware Specifications

Cinemood 360

When it comes to specifications, Cinemood 360 VR projector has a native resolution of 640×360 pixels and relies on DLP image projection technology. It uses an LED light source with a brightness rating of 35 ANSI lumens. The brightness may not be what regular projectors have, but it will be adequate for its use case. A major thing to note about Cinemood 360 VR movie projector is that it has no input ports. You can either play preloaded content or use screen mirroring for casting content through apps. The reason behind the lack of ports is that it is a handheld projector for kids and families. 

The 360-degree video projector is capable of 12-feet projection in dark environments. But for good quality imagery, it is best to keep the image size below 60 inches. It is fine for projecting simple cartoons and animations but won’t be suitable for graphically intensive movies. Cinemood 360 has a standard throw ratio, so you’ll have to place the VR movie projector a fair bit away from the screen or wall. It allows you to adjust the focus using buttons on the projector.

Cinemood 360 interactive projector comes with a built-in 2.5W speaker and also has an aux port for connecting external speakers. It is a smart pico projector for families, weighs only 0.5lbs, and is super portable at 3”. Its built-in rechargeable battery provides a decent runtime, which is adequate in a projector for kids. The actual battery runtime will be less than the claimed five-hours as the latter might have been measured at a lower brightness.

There is 32GB of internal memory available for storing apps and media files. The VR film projector has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality for providing access to the Internet and the library of files. Control buttons are provided at the top of the device. It has a fanless design and does not make noise when in use.

CINEMOOD 360 Software

Cinemood 360 does not have a software per se. You will require a smartphone to control the projector. The app you download on your smartphone acts as a remote control for the projector. It also allows you to access and stream content from the Internet. Users will have to set up the projector through the app before they can use it. The process is not hard, but it could be refined further.

There is a wide range of apps and educational content available that cater to children. The interactive projector comes preloaded with 40 digital books, 27 videos, and some other stuff. You can stream supported content from Amazon’s Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube apps through screen mirroring. The VR projector also allows users to download additional stuff via the app for offline viewing.

Performance of CINEMOOD 360 VR Projector

When it comes to performance, Cinemood 360 is far behind regular home theater projector. However, it may be unfair to compare this 360-degree video projector to standard projectors. The VR movie projector segment is relatively new, with very few options available to the buyers. Also, it is designed exclusively for kids.

Cinemood 360 is a soft lumens projector that limits the amount of blue light emitted for projecting imagery. It protects the users’ eyes and ensures a strain-free viewing experience. The limited blue light may saturate colors a bit, which may not be great for watching movies.

The brightness of the VR projector is low as compared to other portable projectors. You will have to use it in a dark room if you want the best results. It can be used outdoors or in rooms with some ambient light if you are fine with projecting a relatively smaller image. 

CINEMOOD 360 Pros & Cons

Cinemood 360 projector is a unique offering that has its own advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Great for Education – Cinemood is a great VR projector for educating kids.
  • Lightweight – Cinemood 360 is a lightweight device weighing only 0.5 lbs.
  • Supports Screen Mirroring – The interactive projector supports screen mirroring for all devices, including iOS.
  • Portable – Its 3” cube shape makes it a super portable projector for families.


  • Low Resolution – The resolution of the interactive projector is only 640 x 360.
  • Lacks Input Ports – There are no input ports on the Cinemood 360 projector.
  • Limited Brightness – Its brightness rating is low at 35 ANSI Lumens.
  • Average Colors – Color reproduction is not great for watching movies.

Summarizing CINEMOOD 360: Is it worth the price?

Cinemood 360 is a VR movie projector targeted at parents. It is primarily designed for providing educational content to children and will be ideal for the same. The device won’t be suitable for adults or teenagers who want to buy a VR film projector for watching movies or videos. It costs $499, which is a bit high considering that portable 720p and even 1080p projectors are available at a similar price. Puppy Cube is another interactive projector for kids. It has better specifications but costs twice as much and is heavier. Also, Cinemood 360 has VR capability, which Puppy Cube does not.

However, Cinemood 360 video projector may be an option for business people and individuals who need to give presentations on a surface such as a table. Its small size, low weight, and extended battery life make it a great projector for delivering presentations on the go. On the flip side, it has no I/O or USB ports, and there are better portable offerings available in the market for business users.

If you are buying the Cinemood 360 projector for kids, then it may be a worthy investment. Its handheld design enables you to keep your kids occupied at home and outside. They can learn and grow their skills in an entertaining way. 

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