10 Essential Projector Accessories to Enhance Your Projection Experience

10 Essential Projector Accessories to Enhance Your Projection Experience

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Projectors have become an integral part of modern homes and offices. Their range has become extensive, and the projector accessories available in the market have increased as well. There are a few essential accessories that you should consider investing in, along with your projector. Some of them help to improve the image quality while others enhance the viewers’ experience. A few projector accessories are designed to take care of your projector and prolong its life. Tripods, carrying cases, and mounting brackets add to the convenience factor. 

Essential Accessories to Use with Your Projector

If you are looking to expand your projector setup, then here are some of the essential accessories to use with your projector. You will find at least some of them beneficial, irrespective of your use case. 

1. Projector Screen

VANKYO Portable Projector Screen 120 Inches

A projector screen is one of the essential accessories to use with your projector. It is among accessories that help to get a steady, clear image. Using a wall or blanket as a projector screen is fine for occasional use, such as when watching a movie in your backyard. However, for a dedicated home theater or conference room, it is better to invest in a projector screen. It is because a screen has a smoother surface and ensures superior image quality. For rooms that have high ambient light, a light-rejecting projector screen is a must unless you can shut out the light completely. You can buy a projector screen in different sizes and aspect ratios. A few popular manufacturers of projector screens include Vankyo, Elite Screens, and VIVO. They provide permanent and portable screens for projectors.

2. Projector Lens Cleaner 

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit 

Projectors get dirty over time due to dirt and dust. Even if they have a sealed lens assembly and filters, dust will settle on the lens’s exterior. It will impact the quality of the image projected. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the projector regularly using a cleaning kit. A projector lens cleaner is among accessories that keep projectors from getting damaged. Altura Photo Professional Cleaning kit is one of the best accessories for projectors. It is designed specifically for cleaning lenses of electronic items. The package includes a couple of brushes and an air pump to remove dirt. There is an optical cleaning spray along with lens cleaning tissues and microfiber towels from MagicFiber. They help to clean the lens without scratches. Camkix Lens and Screen Cleaning Kit is an alternative option among projector accessories. Lens cleaner is one of the important accessories that help to get a steady, clear image over a long duration.

3. Speakers For Projector

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you are considering a projector for home, office, or outdoors, a speaker or two can be a worthy investment among projector accessories. A majority of projectors don’t come with built-in speakers, and those that do have poor audio quality. Their speakers are barely audible and not suitable for watching movies or videos. It is best to opt for external speakers to enhance the viewing experience. You don’t have to invest in an expensive home theater. Speakers for projectors are available in different sizes. Even an affordable 2.1 stereo speaker system provides decent sound. There are portable speakers available as well that can be used for your backyard movie nights. Aomais is a well-recommended manufacturer of projector accessories. TaoTronics is another well-known name for projector speakers.

4. Video Streaming Device For Projectors

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device

If you are looking for home theater projector accessories, then a video streaming device is an excellent choice for you. A projector must be connected to a device such as a DVD player, console, computer, set-top box, or storage media for playing a video. With the advent of streaming services, video streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku have replaced older devices like DVD players and set-top boxes. They have a small form-factor and are not significantly larger than a USB storage drive. You can use video streaming devices anywhere, as long as there is a wireless Internet connection available. It makes them ideal for a movie night in the backyard as well. Therefore, a video streaming device is an essential gadget when it comes to the best accessories for projectors. You may not need the same if you have a smart projector with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

5. Projector Tripod Stand

AmazonBasics Adjustable DJ Laptop and Projector Stand 

A projector tripod stand is one of the best accessories for projector owners. It is ideal for individuals who use a portable projector and in rooms where installing a mount is infeasible. The stand provides a level surface and can be used anywhere. You can extend the legs of the tripod for use and retract them for transportation. Projector tripod stands are available in different sizes that will suit regular-sized and pico projectors. A few great options include the AmazonBasics Adjustable DJ Laptop and Projector Stand and the AkTop Pro Laptop Projector Tripod Stand. VANKYO Aluminum Tripod Projector Stand comes highly recommended as well. If you are looking for accessories that help to get a steady, clear image, then consider investing in a projector tripod stand. It is suitable for scenarios wherein a projector has to be moved from one room to another. 

6. Projector Bracket Mount

LZHZXY Projector Bracket Motorized Electric Lift 

Projector bracket mount can be a great option for buyers searching for the best accessories for projectors. It allows you to install a projector permanently, whether it is in the office or at home. A mount is one of the accessories that keep a projector from getting damaged as the device is mounted securely with screws. You won’t have to worry about someone accidentally knocking over the projector from a surface such as a table. Projector mounts are accessories that help to get a steady, clear image. They offer some installation flexibility for ensuring that the imagery is proportional to the screen. You may use them in scenarios where the projector has to be installed permanently, such as a home theater or a conference room. Projector bracket mounts are available in different shapes and sizes. Buyers can choose one according to their requirements. 

7. Projector Case

Rigal Projector Carry Bag

If you are using a portable projector, then a case is one of the essential projector accessories for you. A projector case allows you to transport the projector conveniently and securely. It also provides storage space for other accessories as well. You can store HDMI and power cables, adapters, mouse, interactive pens, tablets, storage drives, and other accessories in the provided pockets. Some of them may have a compartment for a small notebook or tablet. A case is among accessories that keep a projector from getting damaged. It will protect the device from scratches and blemishes as well as environmental elements like dust. Projector cases with thick paddings are the best accessories for projectors as they minimize physical damage. The large size of the celexon Projector Case will be a good fit for most users. Casematix Home Video Projector Hard Cases are great projector accessories as well.

8. Projector 3D Glasses

JETTING Frame Red Blue 3D Glasses For Dimensional Anaglyph Movie

Homeowners who have a projector that supports 3D video playback will find 3D glasses to be one of the best accessories for projectors. They facilitate an immersive movie-watching experience. Most manufacturers don’t include 3D glasses in the package, and they have to be purchased separately. There are two types of 3D glasses – Passive 3D glasses and Active Shutter 3D glasses. You should choose the one supported by your projector. 3D glasses, like all other projector accessories, are sold separately by projector manufacturers and third party suppliers. Buyers can consider buying either from their projector’s brand or from generic companies like 3D Heaven and BOBLOV.

9. Display Adapters

4 in1 USB C HDMI 4K VGA Adapter

Display adapters are another item on the list of the best accessories for projectors. Often, you may have to use a projector with office computers or laptops. If the connector on your laptop or computer is different from those on the projector, then you will need to include an adapter in your projector accessories list. The most popular display connectors include VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Generally, office computers have a VGA port, while projectors may use an HDMI port, although the opposite is also possible. Therefore, an HDMI to VGA adapter will be required to connect the device to the projector. Moread HDMI to VGA adapter is the most popular option. Alternatively, you can buy HDMI to VGA cables instead of an adapter. Other types of display adapters or cables include: 

  • DVI to VGA
  • Display Port to VGA
  • Mini Display Port to VGA
  • HDMI to DVI

10. HDMI Switch

1080P 4K*2K HDMI Video Switch Switcher 

An HDMI Switch is one of the best accessories for projectors that have limited input display ports. It allows you to connect multiple devices to a single HDMI port on your projector. The switch has a button for changing the selected source as required. You can attach devices such as a console, streaming box, and laptop to the projector simultaneously. It eliminates the need to remove and reattach cables every time you need to use a different device. A few HDMI switches come with a remote for switching the input source easily. There are 1080p@60Hz and 4K@60Hz HDMI switches available for people who want accessories that help to get a steady, clear image. If your projector does not have sufficient HDMI ports, then consider investing in a switch.


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